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Not Without Fighting

Pagina oficial:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Not-Without-Fighting/192801100731008
Not Without Fighting were born in 18th october of 2001 with the union of 2 bands, Lost Reaction and Human Pride. Not Without Fighting has started with 7 elements, with 3 principal vocals, 2 guitars, 1 bass and 1 drummer, but things didn't worked right, and in the final of 2002, already with our first EP out, "New School ... Old Message", we have been forced to change our vocals. In march of 2002 with the entry of the new vocals "Ita" and "Domy" we've suffered a huge evolution. We played many shows in Portugal, some of them with some foregeins bands that in our routs were strong influences in what our music became. In the summer of 2005 we have recorded a new demo EP with 2 musics called "Stronger Than Before" that we have offered to people that came to our shows. A few years later Ita and Vasco left the band, but we kept working with our new guitar player "Zuca" from "Deadly Mind", recorded a 7 track C.D. called "Believe" and kept giving shows all over the country and so far England.
Here are some of the bands that we had the pleasure and the honor to share the stage:
Inside Me; Strenght Approach; Icepick (NLHC); Settle The Score; Madball; Skarhead; Kartel; Cold Hard Truth; Arkangel; Black Friday 29; Providence; Dias Cruciales; T.R.C.; Life As War; Nasty...
We also played with several Portuguese Hardcore bands such as:
Last Hope; Deadly Mind; Steal Your Crown; Newt; 69 Balls; Step Back; Please Die; Death Wil Come; More Than Hate; Overcome; Hatetrigger; Facefall; Never Fail; Pussy Hole Treatment; Openchest; Grankapo; Lowblow; For The Glory; Mordaça; Facedown; Together; Bloodshot; Lifedeceiver; Death On The Door; Pressure; Darkhorse; Men Eater; Call To Power; Unstable; Retroact; Criminal Waste; Genoflie; Four Ways To Die; Tsunamiz; SevenTenSplit; Shrapnel; Before The Torn; My Fault; Words Of Hate; Self Made Men; State Of Calamity; Barafunda Total; Omited G.R.; Bulletproof; Pura Repressão; Solução Final... To all of these Bands we give our full respect and support!!! Check these bands as well !!!
Believe Hardcore!!!

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