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Fado Trio

Pagina oficial:
RODRIGO SERRÃO – Double Bass, professional musician since 1992, be it as a musician, composer or as a producer, Rodrigo Serrão has participated on nearly one hundred records, and worked with the most influential musicians in Portugal for the past twenty years.
From Jazz to Fado, from Pop to Brazilian music, some of the names include:
Dulce Pontes, Camané, Mariza, Carlos do Carmo, Mafalda Arnauth, José Cid, Katia Guerreiro, Paulo de Carvalho, Anabela, Joana Pessoa, Romana, Cuca Roseta, Pedro Barroso, Chico Cesar, Né Ladeiras, etc
Performing constantly in major venues around the world, he decided in 2012 to focus his attention in just two different projects in which he could extend to a full length his entire creativity: the career of singer/pianist Maria Ana Bobone and the instrumental project, Fado Trio. |||

EURICO MACHADO – Portuguese Guitar, started his musical career at the age of 13, playing the “Viola de Fado”.
He later joined the Regional Setúbal Conservatory and studied the classical guitar, after which he dedicated himself to teaching both classical guitar and music.
Since 2004 he has turned to the Portuguese Guitar and has ever since accompanied numerous projects of leading artists as: Paulo de Carvalho, Camané, Carminho and Mafalda Arnauth, amongst others.
He recently pursues his soloist path in the project “Fado Trio” and still devotes time to teaching the Portuguese guitar, working as a producer, arranger and composer. |||

PEDRO PINHAL – Classical Guitar,l started his musical career in 1986 working in groups of Rock and Portuguese Popular Music.
In 1990 He discovered his love for Fado Music and has been a professional musician ever since, participating in shows of leading artists such as: Mario Pacheco, Fernando Tordo, Carlos Mendes, Teresa Tapadas, Camané, Joana Amendoeira, Katia Guerreiro, Cuca Roseta, amongst others.
As a composer he had some of his songs recorded by such varied artists as: Celeste Rodrigues, Rodrigo Costa Felix, Teresa Lopes Alves, Carla Pires, Casimira Alves, Célia Leiria.

What do you get when you put together three of the top Fado Players in the world?
Music, really good music.
What if, you added a long lasting friendship?
An amazing atmosphere.
And what if, on top of all that, they could express thru music the overwhelming deepness of human emotions?
Well... then you would have to get out of the realm of words and plunge into the one of sound and pure Fado.

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