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Scent of Death

Pagina oficial:https://www.facebook.com/scentofdeathmetal
The history of Scent of Death begins in September 1998, when Jorge (ex-Suffer Age),and Carlos (ex-Osmosis), decide to improve their concept of Death Metal. On December, same year, Bernardo and Nuno (ex-Osmosis) joined the band. With Jorge and Bernardo on guitars, Carlos on bass and Nuno on drums, Scent of Death was born. In the beginning, conception of the first songs and many hours of rehearsals it's all.
The band began to record on September 2001, at Taller de Música, Ourense, Spain. As a result, they released their first MCD, entitled "Entangled in Hate", which was produced and edited by their own. Vocals were performed by Bernardo, assisted on high vocals by Jorge
At the end of November of the 2002, Scent Of Death finds a new vocalist, Lois. With this new incorporation, the band plays a lot of gigs in Spain and Portugal from 2002 to 2004, playing in the most important underground festivals of these countries. In February 2004, Nuno leaves Scent of Death and the band starts the search for a new drummer. He was replaced by Alfred Berengena, drummer of catalonian Brutal Death Metal band Baalphegor, as a session drummer for the new album.
The band signed with Bloody Productions from Spain, in December 2004 for the releasing of Scent of Death´s first album. In January 2005 the drum sessions were recorded at Tribal Art Music Studios, Girona, and in March 2005 the band entered at GonSound Studios, in Vigo, to record, produce and master all the rest with Gonso Pedrido, one of the most important producers in the spanish extreme metal scene . The final result is a full-length CD of FAST, EXTREME AND DARK DEATH METAL, called "Woven in the book of hate", with a great production and massive sound. It was released in June 2005 through Bloody Productions. In 2007 a new drummer, Jorge, joined the band. The band starts the rehearsals and live performances, but in 2010 this new member leaves the band by several musical reasons
A new search begins for another drummer, finding the best and most brutal option in Rolando "demolition man" Barros, a legendary musician in the Portuguese underground scene. Lois is expelled from the band because of their lack of interest and he was quickly replaced by Sergio M. Afonso, who provides a higher degree of brutality to the line-up with his voice.
After six years, in September 2011, the band stars the recording of the new album, with the drums sessions by Rolando Barros at Brugostudio in Lisbon. In December 2011 the band recorded the rest of the instruments and vocals in a local studio. At the end of January 2012 the sessions was ready to be sent to the producer André Tavares, based in Lisbon, for mixing and mastering, with spectacular results in sound, performance and production. Finally in May 2012, the mastering was finished. The new album is entitled "Of Martyrs's agony and Hate" and is an amazing step forward for the band, evolving into darkness, technique and composition. The cover is a masterful piece of blasphemous art by Yumali Katani, from Metal Artist, and represents a reflect of the brutality inherent in the music of this work. The band signed again with Bloody Productions for a limited vinyl edition of the new album, which see the light in 2013,and actually the Cd edition will be released through Pathologically Explicit Recordings.




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